Gasparilla is around the corner and summer will be here before you know it, which means days spent on the water. Being cautious and practicing proper boat safety won’t always protect you from possible accidents that can occur on the water. This makes it the perfect time of year to consider your boat insurance options. Keep reading to learn what can impact your boat and personal watercraft (PWC) insurance costs:

There are many different factors that will affect your boat insurance rates such as size, features, and type. Aside from these few factors, there are a few more to consider when shopping for Florida boat insurance that is right for you.

Storage Location

Where you keep your boat can play a role in your boat insurance rate. For example, if you store your boat in a shed in your backyard, you may face lower insurance rate rather than someone who stores their boat on a dock.

In Florida, hurricane-prone areas may also influence your insurance rates. Boats that are in hurricane-prone areas are unfortunately more likely to be damaged than those that are stored more inland.

Driving Record

Insurance companies will normally check DMV records of all the drivers for their overall driving record. Insurance companies will usually consider things such as DUIs (and BWIs) and reckless driving convictions when determining the cost of your boat insurance rate.

You may face a higher boat insurance premium if you have a poor driving record. This means you need to be careful whether your pirate invasion is on land or by boat because that Gasparilla DUI/BWI could come back to haunt you when getting PWC insurance in Florida.

Boat Ownership Experience

The more experience a boat owner has, the better insurance rates they will be able to procure at our independent insurance agency. Someone with 15 years of boat ownership experience may have a lower boat insurance rate than someone who is a new boat owner. Also, having many claims on your record will result in higher boat insurance rates.

Navigation Area

Where you plan to go on your boat will affect your insurance rate. Taking your boat and staying close to shore is considered less of a risk than someone who plans to take their boat into international waters. So for those of you who do most of your boating in a local or community lake, your boat insurance may be lower-but you still need to make sure you’re properly insured.

In order to minimize costs, it is important to look into all the ways to get great boat insurance rates and we can help you do that! At Seibert Insurance in Tampa, FL we treat you like a person, not just a policy. Our independent agents will help you find the right boat or PWC insurance to meet your coverage needs and budget.  Get a hassle-free quote today from a local insurance specialist!