“I live on a private lake. I don’t need to have insurance on my jet ski/boat”.

It is true that if you live on a private lake it is unlikely that you will be pulled over by Marine Patrol to verify your vessel is insured BUT that does not mean you do not have a need for insurance.

Photo Courtesy of Tiger Schmitttendorf

Photo Courtesy of Tiger Schmitttendorf

Imagine you have your friends over for a day on the lake. It is a beautiful day out, you are swimming and water-skiing and your friends ask if they can drive your jet ski.  They tell you they know what they are doing, so you let them drive it.

You fail to remind them that on a jet ski, you have no brakes and have to hit the gas to turn. Before you know it, they are headed in the wrong direction around the lake and are head on with another boater because they want to jump the wake that the boat is putting out.

They get too close…let off the gas…try to steer away, but keep moving straight towards danger and then CRASH into the boat.  Now, your neighbors boat is damaged, people are injured inside the boat, your jet ski is wrecked and the driver of the jet ski is critically injured.

Did you know that you are responsible for all the damage simply because you own the jet ski?

You are! And if you don’t have insurance on your jet ski, you have just put all your personal assets at risk.

Did you know that most jet ski/boat insurance is less than $500 per year?

If you have a jet ski, boat, or any other recreational vehicle that is not insured, call us today for a quote to protect your assets.

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