Did you know Comprehensive Coverage is often very affordable coverage to have on your vehicle?

Lenders will require you carry this coverage if you have a loan on your vehicle, but even if your vehicle is older and you no longer owe, it may be a good idea to keep this coverage as it can help alleviate some heartaches unique to our Florida landscape.

Depending on the year/make/model of your vehicle you may only be out of pocket $50 every 6 months to ensure you can repair/replace your vehicle in the event of the obvious types of Comprehensive or Other than Collision Losses; Theft, Fire & Vandalism.

Other Types of Comprehensive Losses

Did you know it also covers you for flooding?

Remember all of those cars in the USF Parking lot with water up to their windows a few weeks back?  What a bummer to come outside to see that. Now how about if you had to go buy a new car with cash?

Street flooding during Tropical Storm Debby in 2012.

Hitting a deer or other Animal is also considered a Comprehensive Loss

How many times have you had a near miss with wildlife?

With these crazy storms, Comprehensive coverage is even more important.

Comprehensive Losses include a tree falling on your vehicle and damage to your vehicle from hail.

It also covers windshield cracks.

Glass break is also another common Florida problem, a crack to your windshield due to a rock from the road, an errant golf ball from the nearby golf course or a softball when you’re at the fields for your kid’s practices.

Contact your agent today to make sure you have this valuable coverage.

Now may be a good time to review your policy with your agent and ensure you’ve got the right coverages to protect you and your vehicles, before the summer season and busy vacation schedules get underway.

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