You may receive a notice from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation alerting you to the possibility that your policy may be assumed by another insurance carrier.  You, as the policyholder, have the option to stay with Citizens OR be assumed by the other insurance carrier.

We have been asked by our clients “What should I do?”.

In response to that question, we have compiled some information that we deem important for you to review in order for you to make an educated decision.

1. Coverage Comparison Chart

**Note that in most cases, the coverage is broader than it would be if you stayed with Citizens and Citizens has NO BUYBACK options for many important coverages like “Personal Liability” – it is limited to $100,000.**

American Integrity vs Citizens Comparison

Florida Peninsula vs Citizens Comparison

Heritage vs Citizens Comparison

Homeowners Choice vs Citizens Comparison

Southern Fidelity vs Citizens Comparison

Southern Oak vs Citizens Comparison

2. Demotech Rating

Incorporated in 1985, Demotech, Inc. is a financial analysis firm serving the Property & Casualty insurance industry. Their consultants are an experienced group of professionals who have deep knowledge of the indicators of financial stability, agency valuation, exit strategy, and mergers or acquisitions. They possess a unique combination of data, research and resources that can be applied to every engagement. To read more click here.

Click on the company name below to view their Demotech Rating.

American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida, Inc.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

Heritage Property & Casualty Insurance

Homeowners Choice Property & Casualty Insurance Company

Southern Fidelity Property & Casualty, Inc.

Southern Oak Insurance Company

3. What happens if the carrier goes out of business? 

The Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA), created by legislation, handles the claims of insolvent property and casualty insurance companies. Pursuant to the Florida Insurance Guaranty Association Act, they have a duty to settle claims in accordance with the Act, the policy and Florida insurance laws, in a timely manner. The Florida Insurance Guaranty Association follows the requirements of Florida insurance law in its handling of covered claims from insolvent property and casualty insurance companies ordered liquidated by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Read more about the FIGA on their website,

4. Is it true that I can be assessed up to 45% if a storm hits and I have a Citizens policy?


Click here for more details.

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