I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing crowdsourcing sites like GoFundMe daily for many, many months…You read and they are all very tragic stories that make you want to give and help. One common theme is that someone is gone or injured and they have a family member or other dependents in need because their loved one has been injured or is suddenly gone…and so is their income. Sadly, this trend of using crowdsourced funding like GoFundMe as an alternative for life insurance probably won’t end anytime soon. 

Life insurance is one of the most under-utilized typed of insurance. That said, GoFundMe is not a substitute for quality life insurance. Having this peace of mind shows that you care for the ones you leave behind. Plus, good life insurance allows your family to maintain the quality of life they had before your death.

Karyn Roeling, the owner of our Tampa insurance agency, said this about how GoFundMe isn’t a substitute for insurance:

“I don’t know about you, but I want to give to every one of those websites I see…and part of me is depressed because I think “why didn’t this person prepare?…what their family is asking for just isn’t enough.” I don’t know if we are seeing it more now because of these crowdfunding organization websites that are new and popular, or if it is the new normal for most people not to prepare their family for the worst day of their life.”

If you are young and healthy (which is what you see a lot of on these GoFundMe type websites), then life insurance or disability can cost less than a cup of coffee a week! No one wants to think about the bad things that can happen to you, but the crowdfunding pages showing up on our social media news feeds multiple times a day should make you reevaluate your situation to ensure proper protection is in place for your family.

Our owner’s husband is in a dangerous profession these days…law enforcement…. And though the retirement is great, Karyn knows that if tragedy were to strike before then and if she did not have life insurance – she would not be financially prepared…so they picked an insurance plan that would protect their family best.

Are you willing to give up a cup of coffee each week? Or do you want to leave your loved ones to set up a crowdfunding page? Why hope that the generosity of your friends will get them through the tragic times? Remember: GoFundMe is NOT a substitute for life insurance.

Message, email or call Seibert Insurance Agency in Tampa, FL with your date of birth and our independent life insurance agents can give you an estimate on a 20-year term life insurance policy for $250,000 in coverage….I think you will be surprised to see just how affordable life insurance can be…Contact us now!