Grilling at a Tailgate Party

Football is back! It’s the season for diehard fans to celebrate their love of the sport & cut loose with friends and family. However, your fun tailgate can quickly take a wrong turn thanks to open flames, alcohol, extra traffic, and even rivalry pranks. A tailgate is all fun and games until a car catches on fire thanks to an open grill. Or an excited friend breaks the tailgate trying to start a chant. Don’t have an insurance fail this football season; make sure you have the right insurance coverage! If your idea of a great game-day includes a tailgate party, then keep reading for 5 football tailgating whoopies that insurance will pay for.

  1. You leave the grill in the car…and it burns the car to the ground. When you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, that coverage pays for things like fire. As long as the act was not intentional, your comprehensive coverage will kick in and you will just be responsible for your deductible. If you are grilling, bring a fire extinguisher.
  2. An opposing fan vandalizes your car. We all know that those Florida v. Florida State games can get pretty heated…if a fan of the other team were to key your car and you have comprehensive coverage, coverage would be in play for the damage caused.
  3. Give your friends food poisoning… many times there is not a spot to properly wash your hands and/or keep food at the exact right temperature. In the event, you give a friend food poisoning…home, renters or condo insurance can kick in and help pay for this accident.
  4. You damage another tailgaters stuff…say you are playing football with friends and are running for a catch and accidentally dive into another tailgaters area and destroy their tent, grill and chairs…again home, renters or condo insurance liability can kick in to help replace these items you damaged on accident.
  5. You hit a parked car…we all know how excited we get before the big game, looking for that perfectly shaded parking spot…if you accidentally smash into a parked car while focusing on that perfect tailgate spot, your Property Damage coverage from your auto policy would kick in to pay for the damage you cause up to the limit of coverage.

Wondering Am I Covered? Florida Insurance Needs for Tailgating

Before you head out for that tailgate, make sure your auto and homeowner’s Insurance are current! We recommend comprehensive car insurance coverage. Collision auto insurance coverage will protect you on the road, but a for a non-moving incident your comprehensive coverage will kick in. This valuable coverage is a must prior to your next tailgate!

Hot dogs check. Drinks and plenty of ice check. The right auto or home insurance coverage…? If you want to make sure you can focus on the fun while tailgating, then our Florida insurance agency is here to help! We’ll review your policy and let you know what you’re covered for. If there are gaps, you can trust the Siebert Insurance team to find the comprehensive car and home insurance you need.

Happy Tailgating From Seibert Insurance Agency!

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