1. Coverage Limits 

Uber/Lyft Driver

When the driver signs into the app and is trolling for a passenger, Uber limits coverage to only $50,000/$100,000 total for injuries and $25,000 for property damage to others. Beyond those limits, the driver is personally responsible for damages – coverage under their personal auto policy does not apply.


2. Umbrella Policies

Uber/Lyft customer

Umbrella policies have the “drive for hire” exclusion – No coverage applies while you are an Uber driver.


3. Multiple Passengers Coverage Ceiling

Uber/Lyft driver


When an Uber driver has accepted a passenger and is transporting them – they only have $1,000,000 coverage for damage caused by uninsured motorists coverage total…what if there are multiple occupants in the vehicle? It is $1M total for all passengers.

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