The most popular resolutions normally focus on healthier changes. Keeping a New Year’s resolution is one of the hardest things to do. Adding to this that life, unfortunately, doesn’t always go as planned. Insurance is a safety net just in case things don’t go the way you planned. Here are 7 resolutions for the new year to help reduce your Florida insurance rates in 2019:

1. Improve your credit

Having bad credit may impact you more than you may think. It is more likely for you to be considered a high risk the lower your credit score is. Look into different ways to improve your credit in order to receive better insurance rates.

2. Find gaps in your insurance plans

Got a new car over the holidays? Maybe this year your teen will start driving? Buying or renting a new home? Call your insurance provider to see what exactly you have covered. Our Tampa, FL insurance agents will go through your coverage plan(s) to make sure you have the necessary coverage. Make sure to mention these things to your insurance agent to proactively see what plans might be best for you.

3. Take a home inventory

Did you and your significant other exchange jewelry, watches, or cufflinks for your anniversary or the holidays? The value of the jewelry in your home can sneak up on you over the years, and most insurance policies have a limit on how much they will pay for jewelry. Adding additional coverage is simple and relatively inexpensive, so make sure you know your jewelry limits and know how much your existing jewelry is worth. A comprehensive home inventory allows your home belongings to be rebuilt, recovered or replaced. You will be able to include that anniversary gift with your protection. Contact us to find out how much coverage your current policy offers or you can increase your limits.

4. Update your life insurance

Life insurance can be a critical step in helping to secure your financial future. Have your needs changed or did assets increase in 2018? Have you stopped smoking or lost weight? If you have family or assets to protect, life insurance will ensure that finances will not be a problem for your family if something were to happen to you. This can be critical for a family that loses half its income. Most importantly, life insurance is normally affordable. Give Seibert Insurance a call and we can help you with this.

5. Secure your home

Add cameras throughout your home for extra security. You will be able to watch your house 24/7 from your phone. There are many smart-home setups on the market which include surveillance and supported smartphone apps, which make it easier to know what is going on throughout your property at all times. Also, in case of theft, you will be able to see who comes in and out of your home. These are beneficial in cases of theft, for instance, when a package that has been ordered online, is delivered to your doorstep and has been stolen.

6. Prepare Car Emergency Bags

For when natural disasters strike, make sure every vehicle in your household has an emergency kit in it. One should include jumper cables, flares, emergency blankets, a first kit, and other useful items. If your children have a car, make sure their vehicle has one as well. Since you’re leaving something of value in your car, make sure to keep it hidden or put it in your trunk. And don’t forget to lock your doors to help prevent auto thefts! Planning ahead and being prepared is one of the best things you can do for your family.

7. Update/Maintain plumbing

Make sure that all of your plumbing is updated or maintained to avoid a potential flooding. If you are unsure of the condition of the plumbing in your home, or even if you haven’t had an inspection done in a while, have a plumber come out and assess your home. One of the most frequent reasons a home floods is because the homeowner has rubber supply lines – make a new years resolution to replace all supply lines with steel braided lines. It is an inexpensive way to avoid a small disaster at your home!

So looking into the new year, think about the changes you want to make and take small steps towards changing those habits. Making some changes with these resolutions can help give you peace of mind. They may have a big impact on your insurance rates in the new year.

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Tis the season for holiday parties!  However, if you’re hosting, you should be cautious of hazards that can arise that will give your shindig a serious buzzkill-and possible insurance premium hikes.  Here are some of the more common insurance issues that any good host should be aware of… 

Distracted Cooking

According to the National Fire Protection Association, cooking is the leading cause of home fires, and the holidays are the peak season for them.  Additionally, Travelers Insurance reports that home fires increased by 12% from Christmas to New Year’s Eve compared to a typical week. This holiday season be careful of multi-tasking to the point of forgetting about safety procedures.  

Holiday dinner fail? Well, home insurance generally covers structural damage, and both home and rental insurance cover damage to belongings and living expenses (if the home is uninhabitable while being repaired).  

Overserved Guests

It’s the holidays and there’s a good chance there will be alcohol going at your event.  However, you should be careful with how much you serve.  If a guest overindulges in alcohol at your house, drives, and causes an accident, you could face consequences.   

 Home insurance typically includes liquor liability coverage which would cover your legal costs up to the policy limits (typically $100,000 to $300,000) if an accident victim sued you.  Laws and policies do vary, so make sure to check your policy limits, conditions, and exclusions.  

Food Poisoning

It really is every host’s worst nightmare…  If your guests get sick after eating at your home, their trip to the ER can rack up expenses fast.  You could be held responsible for medical payments, pain and suffering, or other costs associated with food poisoning 

The medical payments coverage under home or renters insurance will pay for guests’ medical expenses up to the policy’s limits (typically between $1,000 to $5,000).  In addition, home and rental insurance policies also include liability coverage (typically $100,000 per incident) which would pay for your defense costs should you be sued.   

Home Hazards

Any good host should be aware of potential home hazards that could lead to injury prior to your party.  This could be anything from an icy front porch to an easy-to-miss step.  Unfortunately, injuries are all too common this time of year especially when there is alcohol involved.   

As a homeowner, you may be held liable for an injury to a guest that occurred in your home.  Should this happen, your home insurance would likely pay for medical expenses, damages, and even pay for lost wages. But our Tampa insurance agents stress the importance of understanding your specific policy coverage.    

Before you host that holiday party, make sure you are properly covered with home or renters insurance.  For more information or quote, please contact Seibert Insurance Agency in Tampa, FL today!  Our independent agents will review your homeowners or renter’s insurance policies with you, so you know what coverage you have before an accident occurs at your holiday party!