Football is back! It’s the season for diehard fans to celebrate their love of the sport & cut loose with friends and family. However, your fun tailgate can quickly take a wrong turn thanks to open flames, alcohol, extra traffic, and even rivalry pranks. A tailgate is all fun and games until a car catches on fire thanks to an open grill. Or an excited friend breaks the tailgate trying to start a chant. Don’t have an insurance fail this football season; make sure you have the right insurance coverage! If your idea of a great game-day includes a tailgate party, then keep reading for 5 football tailgating whoopies that insurance will pay for.

  1. You leave the grill in the car…and it burns the car to the ground. When you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, that coverage pays for things like fire. As long as the act was not intentional, your comprehensive coverage will kick in and you will just be responsible for your deductible. If you are grilling, bring a fire extinguisher.
  2. An opposing fan vandalizes your car. We all know that those Florida v. Florida State games can get pretty heated…if a fan of the other team were to key your car and you have comprehensive coverage, coverage would be in play for the damage caused.
  3. Give your friends food poisoning… many times there is not a spot to properly wash your hands and/or keep food at the exact right temperature. In the event, you give a friend food poisoning…home, renters or condo insurance can kick in and help pay for this accident.
  4. You damage another tailgaters stuff…say you are playing football with friends and are running for a catch and accidentally dive into another tailgaters area and destroy their tent, grill and chairs…again home, renters or condo insurance liability can kick in to help replace these items you damaged on accident.
  5. You hit a parked car…we all know how excited we get before the big game, looking for that perfectly shaded parking spot…if you accidentally smash into a parked car while focusing on that perfect tailgate spot, your Property Damage coverage from your auto policy would kick in to pay for the damage you cause up to the limit of coverage.

Wondering Am I Covered? Florida Insurance Needs for Tailgating

Before you head out for that tailgate, make sure your auto and homeowner’s Insurance are current! We recommend comprehensive car insurance coverage. Collision auto insurance coverage will protect you on the road, but a for a non-moving incident your comprehensive coverage will kick in. This valuable coverage is a must prior to your next tailgate!

Hot dogs check. Drinks and plenty of ice check. The right auto or home insurance coverage…? If you want to make sure you can focus on the fun while tailgating, then our Florida insurance agency is here to help! We’ll review your policy and let you know what you’re covered for. If there are gaps, you can trust the Siebert Insurance team to find the comprehensive car and home insurance you need.

Happy Tailgating From Seibert Insurance Agency!

Five minutes of your time could save you thousands of dollars and a ton of headaches when it comes to water damage. I don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t want to deal with the mess of a water pipe bursting or a toilet overflowing at home causing damage to flooring or cabinets. Prevent this from occurring at your home or business! Today, Seibert Insurance talks water damage prevention tips you won’t want to miss…

Know Where Your Water Shut Off Valve is for the House

This an important question to know the answer to since water damage is the MOST common cause of loss under a home insurance policy in Florida. If you are home and a pipe bursts and water is flooding into your home, that is not the time to want to go and look for your water shutoff valve.

Know The Age of Your Water Heater

Did you know that 75% of all water heaters fail before they are 12 years old? Our Tampa insurance agents recommend you have your inspected by a plumber once it reaches that age and consider replacement to avoid a flooded home.

More Water Damage Prevention Tips…

  • Replace rubber hoses on your toilets and washing machine to steel braided hoses. You can do this for less than a couple hundred dollars with most plumbing companies…which is way less than your deductible on your home policy which you would have to pay if you had a water loss claim.
  • Never let your washing machine run while you are not home (same for the dryer to prevent fire)! If your machine overflow and you are not there to stop it, that could be disaster!
  • When you leave town, do you want to come back to a moldy house with water on the floor?? We didn’t think so! Make sure to turn off the water to the house before you leave town.
  • Inspect all water supply line hoses every 6 months.
  • Pay attention to your water bill. A big jump could indicate a leak.

What Should You Do If You Have a Water Loss?

Call your home insurance carrier or Agent and ask for a referral to a vendor to help you clean it up. If you find a vendor on your own, be careful you do not sign your policy rights away to them via an “Assignment of Benefits” *this is the new scam that is sweeping through Florida.

Use these tips to prevent water damage at your home and just in case save our number in case of a loss. At Seibert Insurance we treat you like a person, not just a policy. Call us if you have questions about your Florida home insurance policy!

I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing crowdsourcing sites like GoFundMe daily for many, many months…You read and they are all very tragic stories that make you want to give and help. One common theme is that someone is gone or injured and they have a family member or other dependents in need because their loved one has been injured or is suddenly gone…and so is their income. Sadly, this trend of using crowdsourced funding like GoFundMe as an alternative for life insurance probably won’t end anytime soon. 

Life insurance is one of the most under-utilized typed of insurance. That said, GoFundMe is not a substitute for quality life insurance. Having this peace of mind shows that you care for the ones you leave behind. Plus, good life insurance allows your family to maintain the quality of life they had before your death.

Karyn Roeling, the owner of our Tampa insurance agency, said this about how GoFundMe isn’t a substitute for insurance:

“I don’t know about you, but I want to give to every one of those websites I see…and part of me is depressed because I think “why didn’t this person prepare?…what their family is asking for just isn’t enough.” I don’t know if we are seeing it more now because of these crowdfunding organization websites that are new and popular, or if it is the new normal for most people not to prepare their family for the worst day of their life.”

If you are young and healthy (which is what you see a lot of on these GoFundMe type websites), then life insurance or disability can cost less than a cup of coffee a week! No one wants to think about the bad things that can happen to you, but the crowdfunding pages showing up on our social media news feeds multiple times a day should make you reevaluate your situation to ensure proper protection is in place for your family.

Our owner’s husband is in a dangerous profession these days…law enforcement…. And though the retirement is great, Karyn knows that if tragedy were to strike before then and if she did not have life insurance – she would not be financially prepared…so they picked an insurance plan that would protect their family best.

Are you willing to give up a cup of coffee each week? Or do you want to leave your loved ones to set up a crowdfunding page? Why hope that the generosity of your friends will get them through the tragic times? Remember: GoFundMe is NOT a substitute for life insurance.

Message, email or call Seibert Insurance Agency in Tampa, FL with your date of birth and our independent life insurance agents can give you an estimate on a 20-year term life insurance policy for $250,000 in coverage….I think you will be surprised to see just how affordable life insurance can be…Contact us now!

As insurance agents, we get that question all the time! At Seibert Insurance, we hear “I don’t have any assets, just bills and debt – so why do I need the higher limits of liability insurance?”. It’s simple – you never know what will happen.

You don’t know what damage you may cause a person or a family if you are in a horrible auto accident. Say you are driving down the road, your phone rings and you look to answer it…in that one second that you take your eyes off the road the light turns red and you smash into another car.

We all know ambulance rides to the hospital and some diagnostic tests to find out what is wrong can run upwards of $10,000- $20,000. If you were at fault, you are responsible for those injuries, lost wages, etc. Yes, Florida is a “no-fault state” but once that $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection coverage runs out, that person you smashed into will be looking for you to pay the rest of the bills. If you have what is required by the state of Florida to cover you for insurance, you better run for the hills because $10,000 per person, $20,000 per accident and $10,000 Property Damage coverage will not get you very far in this scenario.

You may have a pile of bills you have to pay at home but how would you feel about a judge garnishing your wages to pay for the injuries your insurance came up short on? When you do not have enough coverage liability insurance, this can easily happen. As a Tampa, Florida independent agent we hear stories like this all the time.

Want to make sure you have the right limits on liability insurance? Call Seibert Insurance today. Our experts will make sure you have sufficient liability limits to protect your future earnings and assets you will accumulate over your lifetime. Plus, if you have a clean driving record, most of the time the cost to increase your limits is less than you spend to buy coffee in a month. So what are you waiting for? Call our insurance agency now!