Why should I have an independent insurance agent?

No one understands your local area and its unique risks like an independent agent. An independent agent works side by side with you, the customer, as part of the fabric of your community.

Unlike their online counterparts, independent agents are able to tap into the resources and expertise of multiple insurance companies. So from home to auto to business insurance, you get more options and more ways to create the insurance plan that’s right for you.

There are other benefits as well. A good independent agent is free to give you objective advice. No strings attached. A good agent has the ability to find the policy that meets your needs and you don’t have to worry that there might be a better policy out there.

How do independent insurance agents benefit their customers?Why do I need an insurance agent?

There are many terrific benefits to you as a customer. To begin with, you’ve got a chance to build a dependable, lifetime working relationship with your independent agent. Because your agent knows you well, he or she will be able to help you make the best decisions about adjustments to your coverage when needed.

Independent agents can also save you time and energy by servicing all of your insurance needs. In addition to providing you with a superior personal policy, your agent can handle your business coverage as well. Many customers choose to have one agent as their advocate for both commercial and personal lines of insurance.

Your agent works as your advocate and can represent your interests with a company’s claim representative in the case that you ever need to file a claim. You can be assured that you are getting personal, fair and fast attention in addressing all your insurance needs.

The bottom line?

Working with an independent agent offers you peace of mind. As a customer, you want to know that the insurance advice and coverage that you receive is coming from someone you trust and in your best interest. Your agent is there to protect your interests and to support you in times of need.

To make sure your insurance is keeping up with the needs of you and your family be sure to talk to an independent agent.

Written By: Phyllis Hromalik, Office Manager at Seibert Insurance Agency for over 20 years